Learn to embrace the presence of death and grief with wisdom, respect, and compassionate care. 

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Sallie Tisdale

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Cheryl Giles, PsyD, MDiv

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Koshin Paley Ellison, LMSW, DMin

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Kimberly Brown

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The Summit at a Glance

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“A quote stating why this conference will be great to atend and how it will help your business.”

Name and Last Name

“A quote stating why this conference will be great to atend and how it will help your business.”

“A quote stating why this conference will be great to atend and how it will help your business.”

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Embrace Life’s Profound Transitions with Wisdom and Love

In a world that often avoids discussing death, we have created a safe and nurturing space to explore it deeply. Joining profound Buddhist teachings with the wisdom of contemplative care practice, we have brought together 16 esteemed Buddhist teachers, chaplains, educators, and pioneers in Buddhist-informed end-of-life care to help you find love and meaning in life’s most profound transitions.

Why is this event so significant? Because it speaks to the heart of our shared experience—the inevitability of death—with intimacy and wisdom. It’s about connecting with our shared humanity, embracing our impermanence, transforming fear, and cultivating compassion and resilience in the presence of death, loss, and grief.

Whether you’re facing loss, caring for someone at the end of life, or seeking personal growth, this summit offers a truly unique opportunity to learn about contemplative care and what death can teach us about living fully.

For those working in care professions, it offers invaluable insights and practical guidance from leaders in the fields of contemplative psychology, spiritual caregiving, and hospice to enhance your own practice and learn to care for yourself at the same time.

Learn to relate to death and dying with fearless compassion and become a beacon for others during life’s most uncertain transitions.

Expert Insights  

Learn from 16 leading teachers and contemplative care professionals.

Practical Tools

Learn mindfulness and compassion practices that offer solace and support, both to yourself and those in your care.

Personal Growth 

Explore the transformative potential that death awareness can bring to your life and relationships.

Transform fear about death into resilience and wisdom

• Cultivate awareness, compassion, and stability in end-of-life transitions

• Create a supportive and caring environment during the dying process

• Learn to navigate loss and grief with mindfulness and self-compassion

• Embrace impermanence and live with greater awareness and joy

Discover a Path of Healing and Growth

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This module invites you to reflect on the inevitable reality of death and the ever-present impermanence of life, helping us discover what matters most in life. Explore Buddhist wisdom and guidance on how to cultivate  acceptance, clarity, and peace in the face of life’s greatest uncertainty.

Integrating Buddhist wisdom, compassionate caregiving, and mindfulness-based pain management, this module explores the profound practices of hospice and palliative care, and how to provide an environment of love and stability during end-of-life transitions.

Hospice, Palliative, and End-of-Life Care

This module equips the mindful and compassionate presence needed to offer support during the final moments of life. Explore how to be a comforting companion during life’s most vulnerable phase, providing solace and care to those in need.

Right Here With You: Care at the Time of Death

Grief and Bereavement Support

Learn to navigate the complex terrain of grief with wisdom and kindness. This module offers deep insights into bereavement experiences, and how to hold and heal your losses with self-compassion, equanimity, and resilience.

The Supreme Meditation: Awareness of Death Brings Joy & Wisdom

Explore the supreme meditation of death awareness and discover what death can teach us about living fully. This module explores how awareness of impermanence can infuse your life with deep joy, gratitude, and wisdom.

Live Keynote Presentations


Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD
Founder and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center

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Chenxing Han

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Frank Ostaseski
Buddhist teacher and cofounder of the Zen Hospice Project and Metta Institute

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Our esteemed lineup of 16 Buddhist teachers and contemplative care experts will guide you through five learning modules, offering insights and practices that can transform your perspective on life’s most profound transitions.

Dr. g (Claudelle Glasgow, PsyD)

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Jeanne Corrigal

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Rev. Jessica Monshin McKimmie

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Joanne Cacciatore, PhD

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Session Presenters

Judy Lief

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Nikki Mirghafori, PhD

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Andrea Vecchione, PhD

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Chodo Robert Campbell, GC-C

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Making Peace with Death

How Does the Summit Work?

• The summit will open with a live keynote session with Roshi Joan Halifax and close with a live keynote session with Frank Ostaseski, each hosted by Chenxing Han.

 • Each morning, we release a new set of pre-recorded sessions for the day.

• Enjoy free access to each day’s sessions and free on-demand replays for 48 hours.




Roy Remer

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